Gasper the frog & Geechee Gill the fish were created by MStarArts to help promote Ecological Awareness for Children. They are always hopping & flopping around at the Savannah Earth Day Celebration every year.

Green Adults

MStarArts believes that we as adults have a responsibility to correct our environmental mistakes by first educating ourselves about the problems, and finding solutions through communication with industry and government. We partner with active environmental groups to provide resources, ideas and creative programming in order to make their issues more accessible to the public.

For example, at a time when Savannah did not offer recycling, we wrote chapters on recycling  for publications, arranged for recycling programs in schools and community centers and had our own "No Time to Waste Recyclers" that volunteered up to twenty hours a week to pick up items from seniors who wanted to recycle but we unable to maneuver to the drop-off sites. Currently, we provide eco-mascots for events, arrange for environmental forums and continue to create publications for other environmental groups.

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Read More for Reduce,Reuse, Recycle! Recycling projects and guidelines for kids. To download and print click here.

Gasper’s Photo Album

Planting at the JEA 

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