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Chain Links

The Confirmation chain project (Chain Links) is an ongoing multi media project to identify people who participated in the early establishment of Jewish education in Savannah.  Volunteers are trained in research and subjects are filmed to make history come alive for future generations.

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Heritage quilt

Savannah, Mickve Israel , is a city of 24 squares (23 remain) with a central park called Forsyth; so, too, this heritage quilt, started in 1999 was designed with 24 blocks with a central image the silhouette of the congregation’s third and current house of worship built 1878. The quilt was finished in 2009. The quilt is on display at Mickve Israel on Monterey Square. For more info download the Heritage Quilt brochure.

girl scout centennial 1912-2012

A Jewish Perspective

Leadership and special effort is sometimes rewarded in Scouts through pins, badges and awards, but for Girl Scouts the rewards are doing good deeds, achieving new skills, and in completing a journey of discovery. For Jewish girls and women for whom performing mitzvahs or good deeds are part of their ethical training, Girl Scouts was a perfect fit! MStarArts curated two separate exhibits on Jewish participation in Girl Scouting for the last 100 years, a film and several programs. We were proud to participate in such  a wonderful centennial event. (Read More…)

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Jewish Vets from WWII - YouTube

Vet Pride; with pride in service

Besides collecting WWII oral  histories for the Library of Congress, projects pair vets with artists  of all genres to explore  their experiences creatively.

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