TREEloft Mission

TREELoft -Traditions, Recordings, Exhibits and Experiences- is a Bull Street Library under-utilized area MorningStar Cultural Arts Group is converting to a dedicated video and oral history exploratory space for easy access and use.

The pilot, our "First Bloom" on the Savannah history TREE, will establish the potentialof the multimedia space to narrate, in this case the story of the third oldest Jewishsettlement in the new world, a contributing group to the Savannah foliage. Thesestories once collected will both personalize, yet embellish the narrative of each ethnic,occupational, community, civic group in Savannah in the way Story Corps has added anew dimension to American history on a national level.

The pilot event will provide a model and mentors for another ethnic, civic or cultural community to create another stand alone exhibit that will take over in January. Currently we have interest from four different groups to develop their stories, and our dismantled exhibit will then become a traveling exhibit or a gift to one or more local history or cultural organizations.

TreeLoft Summer

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