Finding Oneself


So many intriguing personal stories, so little time to record them all. More than the accomplishments of people in the public eye, MorningStar has been interested in learning the stories of our institutions and programming initiatives as remembered by people who benefitted. Capturing what bonds communities together on tape and film is only part of our efforts. Providing multi generational programs and educational forums connects generations so that ideas are not lost with the sands of time.


Twenty years after a mass immigration of Jews from the Soviet Union, they hosted a reunion to thank the Savannah Jewish Federation & JEA members who sponsored their citizenship.


Concert in the Park for Pearl during Shalom Y’All Food Festival  the last Sunday in October  annually is an effort to bridge ethnic and religious boundaries in memory of journalist  and musician Daniel Pearl whose life -- a testament to tolerance and understanding-- was cut short by violence.  This is a unique opportunity to expose a large, diverse population to Jewish music-- klezmer, symphonic, jazz, folk, cantorial and all tunes in between! Our rich Jewish musical heritage,  through this annual concert, adds to Daniel Pearl World Harmony Days our prayers for peace.

With Honors Denied follows Yuki’s 60-year journey from persecution to redemption, and weaves a heartwarming, true-life tale of a broken promise, a lifelong regret, and a dream finally fulfilled.


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How often the future is decided by one's past. Avishai Mekonen's film documenting Ethiopian youth loosing their way in life because of their rejection of the culture that sustained their ancestors (but that singled them out as different in the modern world) seemed tailored for Finding Oneself programming. These spectacular set of programs aimed to make young people think about what baggage is important to carry with us and what should be sacrificed as we plan successful futures.

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