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Offering support and advise to others who are starting their own trip as an ovarian/gynecological cancer patient - to show that good results are possible.

The Teal Ribbon Project

As a survivor of almost four years. It is important that I say that - especially to others who are starting their own trip as an ovarian/gynecological cancer patient - to show that good results are possible.

Though my story is not unique to me, there is universality to the experience that transcends age and situation. More than offering me a voice, the Teal Ribbon Project offering education, advocacy and resources to BRCA patients and their families, provides people to listen.

The Teal Ribbon Project  (TRiP) has provided over 25 different types of programs since October 2008, including our weekly television show Cancer Answers.

One day, as I was handing out one of our TRiP teal rosebud bracelets (lovingly made by 26 year breast cancer survivor Rebecca M. Doty) to a newly diagnosed friend, an 80 year old woman came up to me and pressed my hand to hers as she said,” I am an eleven year survivor of ovarian cancer--- you look like you needed to know.” As much as I like to think I am doing something positive for others—the truth is I am helping myself deal with the rawness of real life. Thank you all for helping the TRiP be the support for others.

TRiP Projects Past Present & Future

printing a local Community Cancer Patient Resource Guide 

hosting speakers from nationally recognized ovarian cancer programs to introduce their studies to the Savannah area and create a dialogue with our medical community.

hiring local health care professionals to speak on BRCA gene and early detection

funding a young women/teens and their parents HPV lunch-and-learn 

running a U-Can-Cer-Vive radio promotion against cervical cancer

funding a Refuse-to-Lose to Cancer campaign YouTube health spot

creating a “comfort team” of volunteers of survivors who can provide specified services to patients as deemed appropriate by the hospital staff (wig, scarf, hat and magazine carts and snack ladies are currently being discussed)

providing a tennis challenge for post-chemo challenged tennis players (we have identified one possible sponsor for this program) 

creating teal totes for chemo patients (small teal bags with bracelets, support information, lotions and lemon candies)

sponsoring a fun, interactive theater piece to accompany a health info fair that again includes free screenings

Cancer Answers:  a series of informative venues designed to inform the public about Teal Ribbon Project’s 2008-2009 Cancer Answer Events:Cancer Answers

Health Talk Series:

  • U-Can-cer-Vive! Radio Spots—February
  • Refuse- to- Lose TV commercials--February
  • Youth Lunch n’ Learn on HVP Vaccines
  • Health Fair & Free Screenings
  • Comcast television Spots-- ongoing
  • Comcast television show—April & May 2009-10
  • Hadassah Regional Conference
  • Gyn. Cancer Month Grand Rounds

May we recommend: 

Greenberg Health Resource Fund--- SJF manages this fund dedicated to providing education and resources for risk assessment & early detection for disease. Call 912- 355-8111.

Stephen D. Hollenberg Memorial Fund—ACI holds a fund that provides assistance to needy patients for medications and support while they battle cancer. Call 350- 8000 for info about cancer.

The connection between breast and ovarian cancer Cancer & Yoga Cancer Answer Superstars What All Women Need To Know

Ovarian Cancer Facts to Know

Ovarian Cancer Fact 1. Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of gynecologic cancer deaths among American women.

  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 2. Only 24 percent of ovarian cancers are diagnosed at an early stage, when the cancer is confined to the ovary. Most cases are diagnosed after the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, making it difficult to treat successfully.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 3. One woman out of every 55 (approximately 1.8 percent) will develop ovarian cancer at some point in her lifetime.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 4. Ovarian cancer is most common in women who have already gone through menopause. The average age for developing ovarian cancer is 61 years old.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 5. For the small number of women who are fortunate enough to have their cancer diagnosed before it has spread beyond the ovary, the chance for recovery is 85 to 90 percent.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 6. For the majority of women in whom the disease has spread beyond the ovary, the chance of living for five years after the diagnosis is 20 to 25 percent.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 7. A major risk factor for getting ovarian cancer is a personal history of breast, endometrial or colon cancer.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 8. The only sure way to diagnose ovarian cancer is through microscopic examination of abnormal fluid or tissue, obtained by needle aspiration (withdrawal of fluid or tissue from a suspicious area though a special, wide needle) or surgery.
  • Ovarian Cancer Fact 9. Hycamtin is one of the first of a new kind of anti-cancer drugs that kills cancer cells by inhibiting an enzyme essential to the replication of human DNA.

Carol’s TRiP with OC, a slide show

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